Our Multifunctional School Building and Other Important Points

We believe that modern society requires self-directed and independent people who can make decisions, collaborate and consult with each other. The education at our school is, therefore, aimed at encouraging children to be independent and gives them work that challenges them.  We also provide ample attention to creative, cultural and sporting activities at school.

We would like children at our school to experience satisfaction from creating something beautiful.  In order to facilitate this, we organize "creative studios" once a week for groups 3 to 8. The studios offer children education in the field of visual education; such as drawing or crafts and also include the use of technology and IT. Teachers specialize in providing a series of lessons to a mixed age class. We also work with, for example, a drama teacher. Cultural education offers children a variety of projects, workshops and courses in all kinds of arts subjects every year and are given by professional artists / teachers. Library and museum visits in the region are also part of this program.

We believe that the clear structure we provide in school, and in the classroom, improve a child’s chance of doing well at school.  We also believe that it is important that each class works well together and has a positive and supportive atmosphere. An important contribution to this aim is the Kanjertraining. This method, used for social-emotional education, ensures that children learn to develop their social skills.   Children learn to treat themselves, each other and the school with respect. We believe that our attention to the Kanjertraining contributes to the positive and friendly atmosphere you will find in our school.

We also find sport important at school.   For example, we have made a conscious choice to employ specialized physical education teachers from group 2 onwards. In addition to teaching weekly lessons the sports teachers also organize the annual sports day. We traditionally take an active part in sports tournaments in and around Nieuw-Vennep. In preparation for participation in these tournaments, children, as a team, even receive extra training from our professional teachers. This takes place after school. A few times a year a well-known professional athlete visits our school. He or she is then interviewed by the students. Important topics such as dealing with winning and losing, perseverance and cooperation are then discussed.

Vahid, Yasmina, Khadija, Brahim.

Finally, children at Opmaat are given the opportunity to do extra exercise during the day. Employees of the Ricardo van Rhijn Foundation offer various sports activities. We do this with the schoolyard 14 system, developed by Johan Cruyff.