Welcome at basisschool Opmaat!

There are millions of stars in the galaxy, and all of them are different.  We think that children are equally diverse, with different characters, skills and personalities.  Here at Opmaat, a Protestant Catholic school, we give the children plenty of room to express their uniqueness and talent.

With only 475 students, our school easily accommodates this vision. We aim for our students to experience school life as personalized, but at the same time we offer the facilities of a larger school.

Naturally, we believe that a strong foundation of general education is important.  Our teaching team is enthusiastic about bringing over these aspects of the curriculum.  However, on top of this, we want to teach our students to take responsibility for their learning process. We challenge them in different aspects of their learning and make sure they are involved in deciding what they learn and how.

In co-operation with parents, we stimulate the self-confidence of students, we work on improving their concentration and we help them develop a critical attitude to their learning; which we believe, will stand them in good stead for their future academic and work lives.

Is your child highly gifted?  No problem! At Opmaat we have a teaching group that specializes in enriching a child’s school program, we are also affiliated to a specialized school which will enable your child to spend one day a week at the school; where he or she can learn even more specific topics with other like-minded children

Alternatively, does your child have problems learning? Our teaching assistants will help your child to have more individual support in class. For students who temporarily need an adapted program, we also have a customized program: the flow group.

A Happy school life


An important question for us here at Opmaat is “How can we offer students the happiest school life?”. The educational research scientist John Hattie has researched this topic deeply, and many of our organizational and educational choices at Opmaat are based on his research and philosophy. Our main focus is to pay attention to the basic subjects such as: math, language, reading and spelling. On top of this, we also look at the potential of each individual student.

At Opmaat, we employ professional subject teacher for physical education and English. We also pay extra attention to sports, creativity and IT.

Opmaat was inspected by the education inspection and we received positive feedback.  Our annual end of year test results are well above the national average.

A Look in Our School?


Are you looking for a school for your child(ren)? We would like to invite you for a personal introductory meeting. Please contact us to make an appointment. 

During this introductory meeting you will receive information about our school and a tour of the school building. In addition, there is the opportunity to look at the different class groups. Many other parents have experienced this first introduction as very informative.

You can request an introductory meeting online. You can also make an appointment by telephone. Our telephone number is 0252-620825

Hope to see you soon at basisschool Opmaat!